The qDecoder Project

qDecoder File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
qCgiRequest.cWeb Query & Cookie Handling API
qCgiResponse.cCGI Cookie Handling API
qConfig.cConfiguration File Handling API
qCount.cCounter File Handling API
qDatabase.cDatabase Independent Wrapper API
qDecoder.hQDecoder Header file
qEncode.cEncoding/decoding API
qEntry.cLinked-list Data Structure API
qFile.cFile Handling API
qHash.cEncoding/decoding API
qHasharr.cArray based Hash-table Data Structure API
qHashtbl.cHash-table Data Structure API
qHtml.cHTML documentation API
qLog.cRotating File Logger API
qObstack.cQDecoder implementation of GNU obstack
qQueue.cCircular-Queue Data Structure API
qSed.cServer Side Include and Variable Replacement API
qSem.cSemaphore Handling API
qSession.cHTTP Session Handling API
qShm.cShared Memory Handling API
qSocket.cSocket Handling API
qString.cAdvanced String API
qSystem.cSystem API
qTime.cDate and Time Handling API

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